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    Tuesday, July 06, 2004

    Where to begin...

    I want to share a little background before I start making post on my life at ESRI. I really enjoy work for ESRI and want to keep my job so the views expressed in this site are not the views of ESRI the company. I started working here in 1998 in the Product Management Department. At first I didn't do much management but more product testing, documentation, demos and tech marketing. I started out working on the MapObjects and IMS Teams.

    I really didn’t become a Product Manager (PM) till the introduction of the Publisher Extension and ArcReader. Thinks got really busy when I also became the PM for the launch of the ArcGIS Engine products. Now I’m the Group Product Manager for ESRI Developer products which means I do a lot of different things everyday. Making it real hard for my wife to figure out what I do at work all day.

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