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    Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    Bill Gates' Web Site - Speeches: 2005

    Bill Gates' Web Site - Speeches: 2005
    Here's link to the different keynote address that Bill Gates has given this year. The latest video clip from the Windows Hardware Conference features the release of Windows 64 and a sneak peak at the next big release of Windows; Longhorn.

    There were a few demos of interest
    • The new 64 bit Windows client used in movie special effects
    • SQL Server 2005 running faster with more clients
    • Bill also showed off the latest TabletPC hardware
    • There was also a cool new feature to laptops or Tablets that has a small display on the outside for quickly getting to information like calendar and email items without opening up and turning on a laptop.

    So checkout the video to get Bill G's take on the future on PCs and Windows.

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