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    Monday, June 06, 2005

    Keynote with Steve B. part 2

    Still can’t get wireless working but Steve continues with his talk about the new world of work…
    Talking about 3 steps
    1. Design and Build .Net apps
    2. Deploy and Operate those apps
    3. Works act and interact with the apps to get the job done.

    Windows Server 2003

    • #1 Server OS with 65% market share
    • A second release of 2003 coming later this year with several enhancements and support for clustering

    Steve then made some announcements about and update to Exchange 2003 and Windows Mobile to facilitate mobile devices always being update.

    Mike Hall (Product Manager) then came up stage with the brand new ThinkPad Tablet PC which Steve quickly took for himself. Next was a funny video about a CEO using and losing his Smart Phone. Mike then demo several Microsoft technologies in one quick demo. He showed:

    • Desktop Search to find a email
    • New searching for files in Longhorn desktop
    • Managing mobile devices with Exchange
    • New Virtual Earth and it’s nice hybrid mode between raster and vector data
    • New local Search and Scratch Pad feature of Virtual Earth

    To break things up, Samantha came back with a “Doctor” to talk about his “Meditation techniques to solve developer problems”. Which turned out to be a humorous puppet show?

    Part 3 coming soon...

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