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    Monday, June 06, 2005

    Keynote with Steve B. part 3

    Steve continues talking about the worldwide momentum of .Net – He reports that 43% of developers use .Net as their primary dev environment. Java is second at 35% and third was non .Net Win32 development.

    2005 is a big year for Microsoft and it’s developers with the release of Sql Server and Visual Studio 2005. I noticed that that the “.Net” has been dropped from the product name; it’s now called “Visual Studio 2005”. He mentioned at beta testing of the .Net framework is showing 25% - 40% performance improvement over .Net 1.1

    BJ H. (VSTO Product Manager) then came out and showed a demo of everything in Outlook. Basically inside of having many apps to get your job done, everything can be made an Outlook add-in via VSTO. Nice demo but not a lot of excitement from the audience.

    Steve then announced that Office “12” will use XML as the default format.

    Then they showed some demos of management a cross platform network (Windows and Sun machines)

    And of course, he talked about security and said things are better but MSFT will do much more. Interesting stats that showed Red Hat and SUSE needing to be patched more then Windows 2003.

    Overall good keynote but it took forever to get out of the main hall. They need more then one entrances and exit.

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