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    Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    Tuesday Keynote with Paul Flessner - part 1

    Things started out with Samantha Bee – “Developer Psychology” interviews with attendees in the crowd. The crowd is smaller then yesterday's keynote but still big.

    TechieShow continued with Samantha Bee interviewing Paul from the behind a desk on stage.

    Getting Ready for Connected Systems was the title of Paul’s talk. He started out talking about the history of connectivity.

    1844 First Message sent via wire (Telegram)
    1858 First Transatlantic Cable
    1876 Telephone
    1902 First Radio and TV
    1944 1st use of computer to communicate
    1994 WWW
    2000 .Net
    2002 VS.Net (300 million people connected to internet)
    2005 over 500 million people connected to internet

    He then went through the journey of business application architecture
    - Mainframe – Monolithic multi function program
    - Client Server
    - Web Services

    Journey for connectivity continues today...
    Key learning
    - Service oriented
    - Federated identity
    - Rich user experience
    - Flow control
    - Federated data
    - Availability

    Need to make it easier to build connected systems

    Database Development
    • Database Development integrated w/ VS and .Net
    • SQL Server Service Broker
    • CachSync – High performance ASP.NET 2.0 apps
    • Native XML data type in database

    Business Process Integration
    BizTalk 2005

    Announced– RFID Infrastructure support from MS
    Attendees where asked to wear an RFID tag around during the first day of TechEd, many did not but those that did were enter in a raffle.

    Team Development a major theme in 2005
    VS was about the individual dev now VS Team System is all about the complete dev experience

    • Architect
    • Dev
    • Tester
    • Project Manager

    The goal is to reduce the amount of code needed with VS 2005

    Paul also noted in 2 years it will be tough to find a 64 bit machine
    Part 2 coming soon if the wireless holds up

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