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    Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    ESRI UC 2005 (Wednesday)

    More Technical session on my schedule for Wednesday… First up was the ArcGIS Developer Road Ahead session. This session was represented by the different development leads of the 9.2 projects that focus on user of ESRI software that are developers. There isn’t time to go into everything but here are a few highlights:

    Key goal for the 9.2 release is simplification
    – Coarse grained APIs (More controls and commands)
    – IDE integration for Visual Studio and Eclipse
    – Enhanced documentation and support
    – Community resources via EDN

    There were several good demos of the Visual Studio .Net integration and the work being done with Java. I think one of the biggest things for developers will be the addition of Geoprocessing with Engine and Servers. Developers will be able to create custom solutions that execute geoprocessing tools and models.

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