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    Monday, July 25, 2005

    GIS… helping manage our world

    The orientation of the stage is different this year, wide stage and screens with audience not as deep but really wide.

    There was a count down to start the show and it did start right on time at 8:30am.

    As an ESRI employee, I always enjoy the opening video. This years video was to the music Over the Rainbow and showed people from all walks of life, all over the world using GIS and maps.

    Jack Dangermond, President and co-founder of ESRI, enter the stage to applause and welcome everyone to the 25th ESRI User Conference. He then highlighted some of the work by user to help manage our world through screenshots and a really good video with GIS professionals around the world talking about there work.

    First demo was from the GIS Manager form Murray City, Utah.
    Showed and talked about using ArcGIS 9.1 Network Analyst to find the safest route for kids to walk to school. He also showed his work to help determine the best possible location for the new stadium in Salt Lake for the REAL Salt Lake professional soccer team.

    Jack then spent some time on the theme of the conference GIS... helping manage our world
    • World is changing
    • Things need to be managed better
    • GIS is valuable - It's a framework for managing human activities
    • GIS is evolving on the Internet
    • Individual systems are becoming connected intosystemstem of sytems
    • Geo-data is more available then ever before
    • GIS Web Services will provide the Framework (GeoWeb)
    • Enabling Technology (Faster hardware, increased bandwidth, standards, GIS software)

    ESRI Software Strategies

    • Enhance ArcGIS Desktop
    • Simplify and strength GeoData management
    • Extend ArcGIS Server
    • More mobile tools
      Improve the developer experience

    Clint Brown, Director of Software Products via a video talked about the documentation projects going on to improve the software usability and documentation.

    Jack then started talking about the different groups of ESRI Software (Desktop, Server, Mobile, and Developer) and the new features at the 9.2 release.

    I'm not going to go into all the 9.2 features as Iinformationt infomration will bdetailred in detial over the weeks to come.

    After the product and technology review, Jack talked some about the purpose of ESRI in it's 36th year.

    • Advance GIS
    • Serve Users and Partners
    • Develop Professional GIS Workforce
    • Support out employees

    Up next are the product demos...

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    Anonymous said...

    Hi Rob,

    Do you know the artist who performs "Over the Rainbow"? My Google searches are getting way too many hits to weed through. I'd like to get the music/album.