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    Monday, July 25, 2005

    Plenary part 2 (10:30am – 12:00)

    Next up is the technology / solutions / product demos

    The session started with a video of Scott Morehouse, Director of Software Development and other ESRI Software Architects talking about the different development projects for the 9.2 release.

    Here are the different big demos presented by ESRI staff.

    Usability enhancements for 9.2
    7. Mouse and keyboard shortcuts - Scroll wheel, and hot keys for switching between tools
    6. Customize map scale control (add commonly used scales) and customized the zoom to full extent command
    5. Ability to view metadata from ArcMap / Layers List same every where
    4. Improved CAD Support
    3. Go to XY tool
    2. New Measure tool and Table enhancements
    1. Connect directly to Excel spread sheets.

    Cartography "“Maps have attitude"
    This demo was all about using ArcMap to edit the cartography of the map. The audience around me was really impressed with these new cartographic representation tools.

    Spatial Analysis and Modeling
    New charting tools
    Animation tools
    New GP layer for pre-symbolizing the results of a model and attached the layer to the model. And the support of looping in a GP model
    ArcGIS Server can run GP models
    New sketching tools

    Land Record Management
    Cadastral tools in Survey Analyst
    GDB History
    New ArcIMS Designer and Viewer

    Managing Infrastructure
    ArcPad 7
    Schematics extension
    Enterprise Integration with IBM Websphere ArcWeb Services and SAP
    SQL API for Oracle

    Business Intelligences
    Business Analyst
    Customer Segmentation
    Managing Business

    Geographic Awareness
    ArcWeb new viewer is fast and has a lot of functionality as a web application
    Collaboration - New free extension called GeoChat
    GIS databases are big - the demo used a 9TB geodatabase
    Terrain in the GDB
    Real Time analyst
    Full motion video in ArcGIS Desktop

    The final part of the demo showed off a custom Enginapplicationon running a the Touch Table and Terrian Table for a wide range ocollaborationon and visualization.

    I'm off to lunch with a good friend that gave me my first job in GIS.

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