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    Friday, July 15, 2005

    Tips for attending the User Conference

    With the 25th Annual ESRI conference just one week away, I thought I would share a few tips on the conference. I haven't been to all 25 but I have been to the last 6 as an ESRI employee.

    1. Use the online conference planner to start planning your week before you get to San Diego
    2. Take care of all the registration stuff on Sunday and then check out the Sunday evening social to celebrate the 25th anniversary.
    3. Jack talks first thing Monday morning so don't be late for the plenary session. You won't want to miss any of his talk or the demos this year.
    4. Jane Goodall is the special keynote this year so make sure you come back after lunch.
    5. The Map Gallery opens Monday night but the maps are on display all week so don't stress if you can't view all the maps on Monday evening.
    6. The ESRI Technical Workshops start on Tuesday but don't worry if you there are two sessions you want to attend at the same time. Most ESRI sessions are offered twice and some three times throughout the week.
    7. Schedule some time to visit the Showcase area - It's big and there is a lot to see.
    8. The ESRI booths are called "Islands" (don't ask me why), for example if you want to learn more about ArcGIS Server then you could stop by the "Server Island".
    9. Wear comfortable shoes because the convention center is big!
    10. Go to the closing session, it's a nice wrap-up on what can be an eventful week.

    Next post I’ll share some tips on San Diego and enjoying your self at the conference.


    J said...

    Thanks for the tips Rob :).

    robbinsdale radical said...

    I'd add the following tips:

    Bring a sweater in your backpack--it can get cold in the SDCC!!

    Pick up some food at Ralph's grocery, which is thankfully
    very close to the SDCC.

    Do pace yourself--it's a long week and there is much to do and see!

    And, if you live outside of Trader Joe's country, leave space in your suitcase and scam a ride to Trader Joes (or share a cab with friends). This is a ritual for me whenever I visit the Left Coast.

    Rob said...

    You are right about bringing a sweater; the convention center can get cold and the evening in San Diego cool down.

    Ralph's deli is excellent.