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    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Nordic Dev Conference

    I'm in Stockholm, Sweden this week at the ESRI Nordic Developer Conference put on by ESRI-Sweden with support from Microsoft and IBM. I gave several presentations yesterday about the different developer opportunities with ArcGIS. The conference has 3 tracks (.Net, Java, and IT Business). It's been really good to be here and meet with the developers and share some information on what's possible as a developer with ArcGIS. Representing IBM here at the conference was Dan who before working for IBM helped with the initial release ArcGIS Engine and the Java API. Here's a picture of Dan, Eric and I in Stockholm...


    Mathias Westin said...

    Some feedback on the ENDC sessions.

    I went to all the session that you and Anne Frankland had on the conference and I think you have done a great job during these days. I have a headache now after all the information that I had to process during these days... :)

    The demo of ArcExplorer 9.2 on the keynote session, it looked like a really great product!

    Introduction to developing with the ArcGIS System, was a very intresting session with some great Demos.

    One thing I didn't understand quite was if the code needed to be tweaked between Desktop or Engine and Server. You used phrase "similar functions" when describing the Server, did I understand correctly that it's possible to move the same components between Desktop and engine but it needs tweeking when moving to the Server?

    Developing and deploying ArcGIS applications with .Net, this was also a very intresting session whith good demos.

    I would have liked more information on the design of Engine and suggessions on design patterns to create great ArcGIS applications. Sometimes you seem to get too excited of GUI components that you have made available, I'm not saying that it's bad not having to code those myself, but one of the most common coding problem that we have is to integate the GIS functionality with existing applications and databases, so that's to me more important than adding a button to the GUI...

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards
    Mathias Westin
    Xlent Technology

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