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    Sunday, March 19, 2006

    Dev Summit is over

    The first ever ESRI Developer Summit is now history and the reviews and feedback is starting to come in….

    I personally think the event was a success, there are things that can be improved upon for next year but I’m happy. Actually I’m tired…. It’s been a long with week leading up to the Summit and it was a busy few days. Now it’s now to the Business Partner Conference where I’m doing a few sessions on developer opportunities for partners.

    Here are a few highlights for me
    • The huge turn out, over 700
    • The Community Center
    • Good wireless
    • Comfortable chairs
    • Tech Talks
    • Area to mingle and meet with people
    • Snacks
    • Plenary session with Scott and friends
    • Hearing from IBM and Microsoft executives that understand the value of the GIS community
    • Meeting a lot of really talented developers using ESRI products

      I need your feedback, good and bad so that we can build on the good for next year and improve and grow the Dev Summit in the right direction for you the developer. Please send me an email at


    Rich Ruh said...


    It was a really great conference, especially considering it was ESRI's first try at this.

    Some good things:
    - The tech talks area. Developers shouldn't have to discuss anything without a whiteboard nearby, and thanks to these areas, we didn't have to.
    - Access to ESRI developers. This was just vital.
    - Use of C#. Maybe I'm biased, but I almost wish ESRI would push this more. If a VB developer can learn VB.NET, they can also learn C#, and it's a much more consistent language.

    Things to improve:
    - If anything, go deeper into the technology. There are lots of opportunities in the ESRI community to learn the basics- training courses, the UC, etc. Given that, I think it's reasonable to assume that the people who come to the Dev conference know the basics already. No need to spend the first half of a session explaining what the Map and Layer objects do... just dive down and show how to create a custom layer (for example)
    - Bigger fonts in MSDEV, more chairs, etc (all the stuff that was previously mentioned during the Closing session)

    Overall, a great first show!

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