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    Friday, March 31, 2006

    Nokia 770

    After my post about the new Microsoft Ultra Mobile device, I got a comment about the Nokia 770. The Nokia looks great and appears to be cheaper then the new MS device but it is Linux based and every PC I own or use is Windows. So I wonder how compatible it would be. I'm basically looking for something that I can
    • do email on
    • listen to music
    • watch video
    • browser the web
    • sync calendar, contacts and task with Outlook
    • small
    • long battery

    Anyone out there using the Nokia 770?


    GISuser said...

    Rob, the tablet (770) is cool, however, its Linux as you said and it has not been adopted by users or develoeprs yet. On the flip-side though, eveything you want to accomplish can be done using most Nokia Symbian OS smartphones. In particular, look at the series 80 (Communicator) line-up ie. 9500 or 9300 for enterprise apps or, look into the N series of devices for powerful, multi-media support. These badboys do it all... and the Symbian OS is open and has an established developer community. For more see my site at or my blog at

    Jeffrey Johnson said...

    As GISuser points out, you can do almost all of this stuff on any symbian based smartphone, but I would disagree that developers haven't adopted the 770 yet. There is a active community @ that is compiling portions of vast library of existing linux based code for this device. Of particular interest to readers of this blog may be

    I am waiting for my bluetooth GPS to show up in the mail, but have done some experiments with friends GPS's, the 770 & GpsDrive. I must say running google maps in your car using a gps is very very fun.

    In any case, the browser on the 770 is FAR superior to any found on symbian based devices (it is opera based). This makes running web mapping apps very easy. I have yet to see google maps or similar run on a phone or even the 93/9500's.

    jeffrey johnson said...

    Oh yeah, since you work @ ESRI, I thought I would mention that I am off to work with some former ESRI employees this weekend to modify our IMS sites to run correctly on the 770. Turns out there is some problems with the drag and zoom.

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