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    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Ultimate list of Power Tools (Windows only)

    I haven't gone through all these yet but here is a big list of Developer and User Power Tools from Scott Hanselman

    "I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man."

    - George Washington

    Good list of resources

    I Code Therefore I Learn - Kim Greenlee offers a wide list of informational links for Microsoft developers

    "Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better."

    - Unknown

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Top Universities

    The Princeton Review has recently published it's list of top "Party Schools" and top "Stone Cold Sober" universities.

    Party Schools

    1. University of Texas at Austin
    2. Penn State University
    3. West Virginia University
    4. University of Wisconsin-Madison
    5. University of Mississippi
    6. Ohio University
    7. University of Massachusetts-Amherst
    8. Louisiana State University
    9. University of Iowa
    10. University of California, Santa Barbara

    Stone Cold Sober

    1. Brigham Young University (BYU)
    2. Wheaton College
    3. College of the Ozarks
    4. Grove City College
    5. U.S. Naval Academy
    6. U.S. Coast Guard Academy
    7. U.S. Air Force Academy
    8. Queens College
    9. Wellesley College
    10. Calvin College

    As a BYU graduate, I can say that BYU takes pride in being number one on this list ever year.

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Windows Live Writer

    I'm trying out the new Windows Live Writer Beta for posting to Blogger but just like the Word 2007 blogging feature, it seems to have some issue with Blogger (part of Google). I can only save a post in draft form and then have to go to the Blogger web site and publish the post. Hopefully Microsoft gets things worked out with Blogger during the beta cycle of these products.

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    More thoughts on the ESRI UC

    The UC is long over and I haven't posted much on the week so here are a few random thoughts on the UC. I'm sure several other bloggers have already provided their commentary.

    Plenary Session

    • Great vision from Jack and outstanding demos of the ArcGIS family of products
    • Big crowd this year, I hear there was almost 14000 at the conference this year.
    • Announced a new EDN offering that will include ArcView

    ESRI Showcase

    • Lots of interest in ArcGIS Server 9.2 now that it's being offered at 3 different levels (Basic, Standard, & Advanced)
    • Really good demo theater presentations this year on 9.2, I'm going to try and get some of those demos posted on EDN.

    ESRI Tech Workshops

    • In the developer sessions, almost everyone has made the move from VB 6 to .NET (VB.NET or C#)
    • A lot of interest in Engine
    • All the ArcGIS server and Explorer session were packed


    • 5k Race was fast... There are a lot of fast GIS professionals. I had a personally best of 20:17. My goals was to go under 21 minutes so I'm happy with my 42nd place finish.
    • .NET SIG was great! Thanks to Microsoft for providing food and drink
    • Thursday Night's party was a lot of fun, my family came down from Redlands and the kids really liked all the games and crafts. I think the food was the best in years.

    Next year's UC is in June so just 10 more months till we do it all again.

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    ESRI Plenary Session (UC 2006)

    I missed the opening video of this year’s conference but I heard it was one of the best ever… But I did hear most of Jack’s presentation… Jack is a great communicator of his vision and passion for geography and the power of geographic information systems. I’m sure there have been several reviews of the day already posted online but here are a few things I made note over based on the reaction of people around me…

    ‘”The Web, is the new platform for GIS… ArcGIS is advancing to the web as a platform…”
    “9.2 is about making you more productive…”

    In regards to software development at ESRI, Jack said “We try... but at time we make mistakes and I apologize for that”

    9.2 is better… 100s of bugs fixed, better documentation and lots of new features.

    A big reoccurring theme about ArcGIS was Author – Serve – Use
    content (maps, globes, tools, etc) with ArcGIS Desktop
    Serve with ArcGIS Server
    Use with a wide range of client applications (desktop, web, mobile)

    More to come soon…

    Live from the UC in San Diego

    I had good intentions to post at least a daily report from the User Conference but just haven’t had time… I got here on Saturday for some Engine pre-conference sessions and shortly after that, I lost my cell phone in Marriott. So I’ve been spending a precious free time trying to find the phone or figure out what I can do to get a replacement.

    I have a T-Mobile Family Plan with a basic flip phone… My contract is up and I’m just month to month so that means I had to either sign a 2 year contract or pay around $200 for a basic flip phone with no features. I’m cheap and keep hoping that someone would find the phone in the hotel and turn it in. Tuesday evening right before I was about to buy a new phone, the Marriott contacted me to let me know that they found my phone.

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    What's New in ArcGIS

    For those interested in ArcGIS 9.2, there is a digital brochure available online that highlights some of the new features of the release.

    Plus checkout the What’s Coming web site.

    BYU meet at the UC

    The User Conference (UC) is only a few days away... I’ve been spending a lot of time this week working conference related items. This is always a busy yet exciting time of the year at ESRI. I’m looking forward to being in beautiful San Diego next week with thousands of GIS users. It’s also a great time to see friends from around the world.

    If there are any BYU alumni reading this, a few us are getting together for dinner Monday night so if you are interested, leave me a comment.