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    Friday, August 11, 2006

    ESRI Plenary Session (UC 2006)

    I missed the opening video of this year’s conference but I heard it was one of the best ever… But I did hear most of Jack’s presentation… Jack is a great communicator of his vision and passion for geography and the power of geographic information systems. I’m sure there have been several reviews of the day already posted online but here are a few things I made note over based on the reaction of people around me…

    ‘”The Web, is the new platform for GIS… ArcGIS is advancing to the web as a platform…”
    “9.2 is about making you more productive…”

    In regards to software development at ESRI, Jack said “We try... but at time we make mistakes and I apologize for that”

    9.2 is better… 100s of bugs fixed, better documentation and lots of new features.

    A big reoccurring theme about ArcGIS was Author – Serve – Use
    content (maps, globes, tools, etc) with ArcGIS Desktop
    Serve with ArcGIS Server
    Use with a wide range of client applications (desktop, web, mobile)

    More to come soon…

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