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    Friday, August 11, 2006

    Live from the UC in San Diego

    I had good intentions to post at least a daily report from the User Conference but just haven’t had time… I got here on Saturday for some Engine pre-conference sessions and shortly after that, I lost my cell phone in Marriott. So I’ve been spending a precious free time trying to find the phone or figure out what I can do to get a replacement.

    I have a T-Mobile Family Plan with a basic flip phone… My contract is up and I’m just month to month so that means I had to either sign a 2 year contract or pay around $200 for a basic flip phone with no features. I’m cheap and keep hoping that someone would find the phone in the hotel and turn it in. Tuesday evening right before I was about to buy a new phone, the Marriott contacted me to let me know that they found my phone.

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