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    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    More thoughts on the ESRI UC

    The UC is long over and I haven't posted much on the week so here are a few random thoughts on the UC. I'm sure several other bloggers have already provided their commentary.

    Plenary Session

    • Great vision from Jack and outstanding demos of the ArcGIS family of products
    • Big crowd this year, I hear there was almost 14000 at the conference this year.
    • Announced a new EDN offering that will include ArcView

    ESRI Showcase

    • Lots of interest in ArcGIS Server 9.2 now that it's being offered at 3 different levels (Basic, Standard, & Advanced)
    • Really good demo theater presentations this year on 9.2, I'm going to try and get some of those demos posted on EDN.

    ESRI Tech Workshops

    • In the developer sessions, almost everyone has made the move from VB 6 to .NET (VB.NET or C#)
    • A lot of interest in Engine
    • All the ArcGIS server and Explorer session were packed


    • 5k Race was fast... There are a lot of fast GIS professionals. I had a personally best of 20:17. My goals was to go under 21 minutes so I'm happy with my 42nd place finish.
    • .NET SIG was great! Thanks to Microsoft for providing food and drink
    • Thursday Night's party was a lot of fun, my family came down from Redlands and the kids really liked all the games and crafts. I think the food was the best in years.

    Next year's UC is in June so just 10 more months till we do it all again.


    Steven CP said...

    For those of us who couldn't make the UC what the announcment on EDN + Arcview?

    Rob said...

    At 9.2 there will still be EDN as we now it now with ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Engine Dev Kit and ArcWeb for the same price as today.

    In addition to the standard EDN subscription ESRI will offer for a small increase in price, the same 5 products plus ArcView with the Spatial, 3D and Network extensions.

    For all the details, it's best to contact your local ESRI account manager or regional office.

    Adam Davis said...


    Well done for moving slighlty. I am sure that the ArcView offering will placate those that require an ArcView licence in order to populate their Servers etc but I still think EDN misses the main point of a DN.

    Imagine this scenario...
    A large company called Microsoft has a Software System (OS) that has a wide ranging API on both it's desktop and server offerings that enables a smaller company called ESRI the ability to create amazing software solutions (ArcGIS etc). In order for ESRI to develop professional software solutions based on both the desktop and server Operating systems and all the versions thereof (NT,2000,XP,Server2003,SBS2003,SBS2003 R2 etc etc) ESRI implement industry-standard development and testing processes on this wide range of platforms. This requires ESRI to constantly install/reinstall/ghost etc the entire Microsoft product line to ensure that every possible combination is dealt with. To mitigate their costs and save time they decide to join the Microsoft Developer Network - to their amazement, amusement and horror MSDN does not include the desktop products because, quote, "they aren't developer products" even though they have a wide-ranging API that shares a lot of common functionality with the server products. After much complaint from ESRI, Microsoft move a little and make a new MSDN that inlcudes a single licence of XP Home. ESRI snort loudly and wonder how they are going to test their amazing software on XP Professional or any of the previous versions of the software such as 2000 or NT without incurring further cost - it's not like they actually want to use XP Professional they just want to test against it because they are a professional company following standard industry practices!!

    Now we all know that this situation does not actually exist - it would be ridiculous? - well I think you can guess what's coming next. Yes, that's right - exchange the name ESRI for ANY 3rd party developer, Microsoft for ESRI, the product names and you have the current EDN offering!!

    As developers we need access to ALL currently supported versions of ALL ESRI's products within an easy to manage licencing scheme. That way we can produce professional software that has been tested on, for example, ArcView 9.0,9.1,9.2 AND ArcEditor 9.0,9.1,9.2 AND ArcInfo 9.0,9.1,9.2 to cite just the desktop products. We need access to RTM versions of new software before they are sent to our customers in order that we may have our products ready in time.

    Now that is a DN and in fact that is ADN (Autodesk), BDN (Bentley), MSDN (Micorsoft).

    In order for EDN to be seen as something other than a marketing ploy to get it's more expensive offerings to a wider market, EDN needs to become a true DEVELOPER Network. Please consider your internal software development processes and mirror them for those that develop on your platform.

    Thanks for your time,

    Adam Davis

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