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    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Windows Live Writer

    I'm trying out the new Windows Live Writer Beta for posting to Blogger but just like the Word 2007 blogging feature, it seems to have some issue with Blogger (part of Google). I can only save a post in draft form and then have to go to the Blogger web site and publish the post. Hopefully Microsoft gets things worked out with Blogger during the beta cycle of these products.


    Mr Minton said...


    I have begun using Windows Live Writer for my blog, EVS-Islands. In the beginning, I was a skeptic as my posts contain imbeded Flash element, my Flickr slideshow. It handled everything well. It won't let me preview the slideshow, but it posts properly to my blog site. I like it as much as I do Bloggers post editor, even more because I can do my formating work, finalize it and then post. It works for me.

    Abdul Aleem said...

    I think saving the posts in Draft first is a Blogger issue and not Microsoft Issue. You can request Blogger to remove word verification from your Blog which will directly Publish your Posts without Saving them in Draft.
    See your Blogger Admin Panel.