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    Thursday, January 04, 2007


    I'm behind in my RSS feeds but it seems the whole blogsphere is opening up and telling 5 new things about themselves. Steven tagged me so I'm going to give it a try...

    1. I sang tenor in the BYU Men's Chorus during college and  we actually released 2 CDs (Awake My Soul and Shout with Glory), toured the Western US and made a few PBS specials.  So if you ever stumble across the BYU channel on DishNetwork or DircetTV you might see and hear a younger Rob singing.

    2. I'm Hip Hop fan.  That's right, I like R&B and Rap music. (It feels good to go public)

    3. Dream job would be be to work in sport's talk radio as an analyst / commentator about any and all sports. 

    4. Was the Kicker on my high school football team.

    5. After weeks of trying to find the nerve to ask my future wife out on a date, she finally asked me out first.

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