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    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Image Server now part of EDN

    ArcGIS Image Server, including the Orthorectification and Seamline extensions, is being added to the suite of software products provided to EDN subscribers. Current and future EDN subscribers will receive the ArcGIS Image Server media. This addition to the program does not change the current pricing or licensing of the EDN subscription.

    To learn more about ArcGIS Image Server, visit

    How to use the function keys

    Are those function keys basically occupying dead space on your keyboard? Here is what they are useful for in Windows:

    • F1 - Help
    • F2 - Renames selected file
    • F3 - Opens the file search box
    • F4 - Opens the address bar in Windows Explorer
    • F5 - Refreshes the screen in Windows Explorer
    • F6 - Navigates between different sections of a Windows Explorer window
    • F8 - Opens the start-up menu when booting Windows
    • F11 - Opens full screen mode in Windows Explorer

    These are also useful in other programs, but each one has different functions depending on which application you might be using.

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    Conference Time

    I've been busy working on the upcoming Developer Summit which is about 4 weeks away.  Don't forget that early bird registration ends on Feb 16th.

    However I heard that registration for the 26th annual ESRI International User Conference in San Diego is open and that hotels are filling up in downtown San Diego.  So book your rooms now and get yourself registered if you plan on attending.

    Friday, February 09, 2007

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Five Ways to Stress Less

    I liked this quick list of ways to reduce stress from BYU Magazine

    By Riley M. Lorimer (’08)
    Stress is one thing that nearly everyone has in common. We worry about our jobs, our families, our schooling, and myriad other concerns every day. While no one has the magical cure for stress, Michael L. Maughan, Coordinator of BYU’s Stress Management and Biofeedback Lab offers a few tips to keep your stress under control:

    1. Exercise. Just moving your body on a regular basis, whether it’s walking or some other form of more structured exercise, will go a long way to relieving stress.

    2. Eat nutritious food. It may sound simple, but your body needs energy to confront the challenges of everyday life, and a well-balanced diet will help provide that energy and lower your stress level.

    3. Get adequate sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your tolerance for everyday stressors decreases. Little things that wouldn’t normally bother you start to wear on your nerves.

    4. Hope for, rather than expect, things to happen a certain way. When you set up expectations for people and situations, you set yourself up to be disappointed, which causes a great deal of stress. So instead of expecting things to go your way, hope that they will and be prepared to deal with the reality that they might not.

    5. Do something permanent each day. Going through the motions of life can be stressful, because you can begin to feel like you do things one day (wash dishes, clean, complete tasks at work) only to wake up and do them again the next day. To combat this, do at least one thing every day that will last. Write in your journal, teach a child a skill, give service, read something new and share it with someone, make something that can be used and enjoyed, or create a work of art. You will gain a sense of satisfaction from doing something that will last beyond tomorrow.

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Watch The Walls Fall

    I spent my freshman year at BYU living on campus in Deseret Tower W Hall. Sadly, W Hall came down last recently to make room for some new construction on campus. I have lots of good memories of Deseret Towers (DT)...

    Click here for footage of the demolition.

    I got that one right

    Colts won and I called...  Along with most of the "professional" analyst out there.  I have nothing against the Bears and believe the Colts are the better team and desired to be the champions.  I didn't pick the final score but I wasn't to far off on the margin of victory.

    Friday, February 02, 2007

    My pick for the big game

    Sunday is the Super Bowl and I'm going on the record of picking the Colts to win. I like both teams as a fan but think the Colts are a better team and normally the best team does win in the Super Bowl.

    Score: 24-16