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    Friday, February 16, 2007

    How to use the function keys

    Are those function keys basically occupying dead space on your keyboard? Here is what they are useful for in Windows:

    • F1 - Help
    • F2 - Renames selected file
    • F3 - Opens the file search box
    • F4 - Opens the address bar in Windows Explorer
    • F5 - Refreshes the screen in Windows Explorer
    • F6 - Navigates between different sections of a Windows Explorer window
    • F8 - Opens the start-up menu when booting Windows
    • F11 - Opens full screen mode in Windows Explorer

    These are also useful in other programs, but each one has different functions depending on which application you might be using.


    Anonymous said...

    Keyboards rule, mice people drool.

    Mateusz Loskot said...

    Here are another must-know shortcuts:

    CTRL + R - open START -> Run box

    WinKey + M - minimizes all windows to the task bar

    WinKey + E - Open Windows Explorer