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    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    ArcGIS Server takes the Stage (Author - Server - Use)

    The ESRI Developer Summit plenary session continues with the focus on Server GIS.  Dave W. (ArcGIS Server Manager) leaded a presentation on the power of ArcGIS Server and the opportunities for developers.  Rex H. (.NET ADF Product Engineer) gave a demo on the power yet ease of use in building ArcGIS Server solutions based on the .NET Framework.  He built a great looking .NET web application based on the AJAX enabled web controls.  Up next, Jay T (Senior Java Architect) gave a detailed ArcGIS Server Enterprise Integration demo.  This was one of the first real demos I've seen of a SOA and how everything fits together.

    Next, Fred A (Developer) showed off the new ArcGIS Mobile SDK and the ability to create smart clients to ArcGIS Server.  This allows you to take the power of ArcGIS out of the office, leveraging Windows Mobile devices and GPS receivers.

    More to come as the session continues...

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