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    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    Plenary Session continues..

    After a great demo by Fred on ArcGIS Mobile where he built a custom app in VS 2005 and deployed it to a Windows Mobile SmartPhone...

    Up next, Shelly G (Product Engineer) showed everyone the developer opportunities of ArcGIS Explorer.

    Shelly showed..

    • The free standard version of Explorer with additional data from a ArcGIS Server
    • A custom task built in Visual Studio that imports an Excel spreadsheet with address
      • This was done using the ArcGIS Explorer SDK which provides .NET developers everything needed to extend the functionality of Explorer.
    • Custom "map tips" that showed additional information for each of the addresses that were imported into Explorer
    • Another custom task that created routes based on the results of importanting the address from Excel
    • The final point was to show how easy it is to deploy custom task powered by ArcGIS Server

    Up next, ArcGIS Online.

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