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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    2kSW - Soccer Team

    A few months ago, a friend approached me about putting together a men's team for the Redlands City League. I thought it would be fun so we got a few buddies from church and formed a team.  We called ourselves 2kSW (2,000 Stripling Warriors).  Our team is made up of 30 something year old Dads who haven't played competitive soccer since high-school plus a few that have never played in a organized league. 

    We have completed the first half of the season with a record of 3 wins and 2 ties (no loses).  We are in 2nd place and holding our own.  The city website is a little behind on the weekly results but here are the current standings.

    It's been a lot of fun putting on a jersey and playing as a team under the lights on Friday nights.  It takes me back to being 16 and playing varsity soccer in high soccer.

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