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    Friday, August 31, 2007

    Simple tips

    Many of you know that 2 years ago I changed my diet and exercise end up losing 70 lbs.  And believe it or not, I've only gained back about 10 lbs, mostly in muscle.  I recent told my story to someone who didn't know the old Rob and she wanted some tips.  So here are the fundamental principles to how I lost the weight..

    1. Eat breakfast, with some protein. You'll feel fuller, and your body won't go into fat-storing mode.

    2. Exercise every day. That doesn't mean a full workout every day, but at least get up and get moving (take a walk!) so you form the habit.

    3. Eat six times a day: three meals, three healthy snacks. That's Body for Life in a nutshell.

    4. When you do work out, go hard: sprint intervals instead of jogging, and challenging weightlifting instead of boring routines. Muscle burns fat.

    5. Eat lots of protein, and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

    And remember, if I can do it, so can you!

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