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    Monday, December 31, 2007

    Running More

    I'm running more... Last week, I had my longest post surgery run, 5 miles in 40 minute and recently had my best mile time (6:47).  My goal is to get back to where I was before the knee surgery, running 5k under 22 minutes and 10k under 45 minutes by April then try to improve over the summer.

    Here's a good article on Eating for Injury Prevention.


    Back at work today and have spent some time getting used to a new Windows Vista machine.  Overall no problems but I haven't yet found the "great" feature that makes me want to upgrade my home PC to have the power to run Vista yet.  If you have a favorite feature of Vista, I'd love to hear about it.

    Quote of the Day:
    If your number one goal is to make sure that everyone likes and approves of you, then you risk sacrificing your uniqueness and, therefore, your excellence.

    Monday, December 24, 2007

    Merry Christmas

    Hopefully everyone is taking some time off for the holidays.  I have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off but wanted to quickly say Merry Christmas to all.

    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    6 months post ACL Surgery

    I had my 6 month checkup yesterday and all is looking good with my knee.  I still have a strong pop when I squat but the doctor thinks that will go away with time.  I think for the most part my left leg is as strong as my right one now but the doctor wants me to focus on my hips.  Anyone have any suggestions for good hip strengthening exercises?

    Monday, December 03, 2007

    ESRI Developer Summit 2008 Pre-conference sessions

    New this year, our agenda will include a series of complimentary preconference seminars on Monday, March 17. Each seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to a specific topic area. Several morning and afternoon session titles are available, so you can choose the preconference seminars that are right for you.

    Who Should Attend

    If you are new to GIS or new to the ESRI application development framework (ADF) you will not want to miss these seminars. Specially designed to prepare you for the content you will experience during the rest of the conference, the preconference seminars allow you the opportunity to start early, so that you will have the necessary background and framework to get more out of the sessions, tech talks, and activities you attend later on in the week.

    Monday, March 17, Morning Seminars
    • Introduction to GIS Concepts and ESRI’s Developer Technologies
    • Introduction to Planning, Developing and Maintaining ArcGIS Solutions
    Monday, March 17, Afternoon Seminars
    • Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop and Engine Development
    • Introduction to Geodatabase Development
    • Introduction to Geoprocessing Development
    • Introduction to ArcGIS Server Development

    Vista support and ArcGIS Service Pack 4

    The recently released ArcGIS Desktop and Engine Service Pack 4 adds support for Microsoft's Vista operating system with some know issues. For more information including a list of the know issues and Microsoft Updates required, see ESRI Knowledge Base Article 34020.