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    Monday, March 17, 2008

    Day 1 - Dev Summit

    The ESRI Dev Summit has begun... Today is all about the pre-summit workshops and it looks like a lot of people are already in town and ready to take advantage of the pre-summit sessions.

    I'm try to listen to as much as "Introduction to Planning, Developing and Maintaining ArcGIS Applications" - this session is been given by senior staff from ESRI's Implementation Services team.

    This afternoon there are 4 different workshops focusing on Geodatabase, Geoprocessing, Server and Engine for Developers. But I'll be in some meetings and final rehearsal for the plenary session.

    Tonight is a pool side social with food, drink and entertainment.

    For those not yet here, the weather in Palm Springs is great with highs in the 70s F for the next few days. But I would recommend a jacket for mornings and evenings.

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