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    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    5K Run -- ESRI International User Conference

    I ran the 5k last week in San Diego.  It’s a flat course so I set an ambition goal of running under 20 minutes which would be smash my personal best.  My fastest 5K run post high-school came at this race in 2006 when I ran 21:27.

    I didn’t run last year due to my ACL re-con surgery. But I decided to go for it this year and see how the rebuilt knee compared to my 2006 time.

    My first mile was fast at 6:10 however I couldn’t keep the pace… My second mile was 6:45 and I finished in 21:02.  I felt good but for some reason I had a hard time picking up the pace the last 1/2 and sprinting to the end. I was 30 seconds over the podium in my age group and no close to running 5k in the teens but that gives me something to work for next year.

    Checkout the official results by age group.

    5K Run -- ESRI International User Conference

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