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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    ESRI Dev Summit part 7

    My live notes…

    Last section covered some new features coming to ArcGIS Server 9.4

    • Graphic Feature Editing Service
    • New Image Services based on enhancements to the current image catalog
    • New Tracking services

    Then a demo of ArcGIS Mobile 9.4 by Mike S.

    • The ArcGIS Mobile SDK is a powerful environment to build and extend your mobile applications using .NET
    • The same COTS mobile application you use today on handheld devices will work on a Tablet PC
    • This touch screen application will support day/night operational modes
    • Extensible using .NET
    • Mobile Project Center - Centralized project management and deployment our your mobile applications
    • Easy to configure mobile applications for BOTH tablets and handheld devices
    • Project Center has Simplified Installation – which is Separate from ArcGIS Server

    Good session!

    Lunch time

    ESRI Dev Summit part 6

    My live notes…

    The focus is now going to be on some future projects that Development is working on…

    Euan C. talks about ArcGIS Desktop 9.4 being a big project with lots of new stuff coming. More integration with python as it becomes part of ArcGIS at 94. Nathan back on stage to show the python window in ArcMap and map automation via python scripting.

    Demos of the new dock-able windows in ArcMap and a new editing experience with a goal to simplify and streamline the ArcMap experience.  The new UI is not just in ArcMap but also ArcScene and Globe as you can now edit in 3D. Demo from Doug and Nathan S.

    More on 94 at the UC this summer but here are some of the projects Euan mentioned.

    • Catalog In ArcMap
    • Faster Map Drawing
    • Search
    • Imagery
    • Better Cartography
    • Charting and Reporting
    • 3D GIS
    • Asynchronous Geoprocessing execution

    Positive reaction from the crows when Euan talked about a managed code plug-in framework. And the fact that 94 can be installed on the same machine as 9.3.1.

    ESRI Dev Summit part 5

    My live notes…

    ArcGIS Explorer 900 is next… Bern demos the new user interface for Explorer and how it is integrated with ArcGIS Online for searching and using data in Explorer. The new Layer Packages are created in ArcMap then shared via ArcGIS Online and can be used in Explorer.  New 2D display and a collection of different base maps for use. There is also a full screen “presentation” mode for giving presentations using Explorer 900.  It’s like PowerPoint for Geographers.

    Larry Y. then showed the new configuration capabilities of Explorer that allows you to create your own custom version of Explorer.

    Up next, Jim introduces Bill M. (Bill has been with ESRI for a long time and was a lead dev for ArcInfo Workstation).  Bill talked about the “power of python in ArcGIS”.  Nathan W. then gave a quick demo showing how 3rd party python modules can easily be integrated in ArcGIS to solve complex problem.

    ESRI Dev Summit Part 4

    My live notes…

    Back from the break with Jim Barry from the EDN Team talking about online communities and developer resources. He’s showing the Code and Media Galleries. Jim says that 70% of the attendees are already EDN subscribers.  As for the crowd, the room is packed, they added more chairs at the break.  I hear there are 1700 people here this morning.

    Next up is Art H. and he proudly announces the public beta of the ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight and WPF.

    Super fast display of Virtual Earth data and a great interactive SDK on the Resource Center.

    Art gave a great developer focused demo – I really like the cluster display option and “flaring” of the points. And the WPF part of the SDK allows you to also build desktop applications.

    It also looked like Art was running Win 7 for his demo.

    ESRI Dev Summit Part 3

    My live notes….

    Sud and Jeremy demo the new release of ArcGIS Online to be released in a few months. New sharing and search capabilities.


    ESRI Dev Summit part 2

    My live notes…

    Jim M. back on stage so show ArcGIS 9.3.1 in action with Bronwyn and Bjorn. One of the big themes of 9.3.1 is “Creating Great Maps for the Web”.

    New tools in Desktop to analyze and tune your map document to improve performance for publishing to ArcGIS Server. Lots of talk of Web Maps and creating rich internet applications (RIA). A slick Flex web map application was shown with some cool client side functionality (add a local spreadsheet and change the thematic rendering from the browser).

    New Topic…

    Java support is extended at 931 with the ability to extend Desktop, Engine and Server with Java. .NET has had this for years but now part of the Java SDK.  I’m not a Java programmer but Jay and Eric did a good job explaining and demoing.

    ESRI Dev Summit part 1

    My live notes…

    Scott Morehouse (Director of Software Development) shares his vision of GIS.

    What is a GIS?

    An information system for spatial data

    • Geographic data
    • Editing and data management tools
    • Cartographic display and visualization
    • Spatial analysis and Geoprocessing

    An integrated system

    • Consistent data architecture
    • Complementary suite of applications
    • Consistent user interface
    • Consistent application programming interface

    ESRI’s goal is to provide the framework so developers can create the solutions their users need.

    Scott then talked about

    • Workstation GIS (Desktop is key and still very important)
    • Enterprise GIS
    • Web GIS
    • And how it can be an integrated system

    Up next, ArcGIS 9.3.1 demos

    ESRI Dev Summit has started

    The ESRI Plenary session here in Palm Springs has started.  Jack D just welcomed over 1100 developers to the event.  Jim M (Program Manager of ArcGIS) is now speaking and just announced ArcGIS 9.3.1 is coming soon.

    9.3.1 includes

    •Improve Quality & Documentation

    •Optimized Map Services – Performance

    •Extending ArcObjects with Java

    •ArcGIS Online Search and Share

    •Layer Packaging

    •Updates of Web API’s

    •Microsoft Virtual Earth Layers

    Plus he announced that there will be a Party Wednesday!

    Up next is Scott M. (Director of Software Development)

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Successful Sleep

    I know I haven’t posted much on this blog recently but I have been using Twitter to post updates on my training and life activities. But here is a good like that was sent me which is very appropriate as I almost always feel a little tired.

    Six Simple Steps to Successful Sleep

    Quote of the Day:
    No mind is thoroughly well-organized that is deficient in a sense of humor.
    --Samuel Taylor Coleridge