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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    ESRI Dev Summit part 5

    My live notes…

    ArcGIS Explorer 900 is next… Bern demos the new user interface for Explorer and how it is integrated with ArcGIS Online for searching and using data in Explorer. The new Layer Packages are created in ArcMap then shared via ArcGIS Online and can be used in Explorer.  New 2D display and a collection of different base maps for use. There is also a full screen “presentation” mode for giving presentations using Explorer 900.  It’s like PowerPoint for Geographers.

    Larry Y. then showed the new configuration capabilities of Explorer that allows you to create your own custom version of Explorer.

    Up next, Jim introduces Bill M. (Bill has been with ESRI for a long time and was a lead dev for ArcInfo Workstation).  Bill talked about the “power of python in ArcGIS”.  Nathan W. then gave a quick demo showing how 3rd party python modules can easily be integrated in ArcGIS to solve complex problem.

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