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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    ESRI Dev Summit part 6

    My live notes…

    The focus is now going to be on some future projects that Development is working on…

    Euan C. talks about ArcGIS Desktop 9.4 being a big project with lots of new stuff coming. More integration with python as it becomes part of ArcGIS at 94. Nathan back on stage to show the python window in ArcMap and map automation via python scripting.

    Demos of the new dock-able windows in ArcMap and a new editing experience with a goal to simplify and streamline the ArcMap experience.  The new UI is not just in ArcMap but also ArcScene and Globe as you can now edit in 3D. Demo from Doug and Nathan S.

    More on 94 at the UC this summer but here are some of the projects Euan mentioned.

    • Catalog In ArcMap
    • Faster Map Drawing
    • Search
    • Imagery
    • Better Cartography
    • Charting and Reporting
    • 3D GIS
    • Asynchronous Geoprocessing execution

    Positive reaction from the crows when Euan talked about a managed code plug-in framework. And the fact that 94 can be installed on the same machine as 9.3.1.

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