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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    ESRI Dev Summit part 7

    My live notes…

    Last section covered some new features coming to ArcGIS Server 9.4

    • Graphic Feature Editing Service
    • New Image Services based on enhancements to the current image catalog
    • New Tracking services

    Then a demo of ArcGIS Mobile 9.4 by Mike S.

    • The ArcGIS Mobile SDK is a powerful environment to build and extend your mobile applications using .NET
    • The same COTS mobile application you use today on handheld devices will work on a Tablet PC
    • This touch screen application will support day/night operational modes
    • Extensible using .NET
    • Mobile Project Center - Centralized project management and deployment our your mobile applications
    • Easy to configure mobile applications for BOTH tablets and handheld devices
    • Project Center has Simplified Installation – which is Separate from ArcGIS Server

    Good session!

    Lunch time

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